Book Clubs, Libraries & School Visits:

The Black Lives Matter Movement has made many Americans question their own beliefs and long held assumptions about race and privilege in America.

In my talk: Lessons From Apartheid: How Americans Can Join Across Racial Differences, I talk about growing up in South Africa under the system of racial separation called Apartheid. I also draw parallels with America’s own past and present experiences with racism, ending with what lessons we can learn from South Africa’s experience.

I would be delighted to connect with your school, local library or book club to give this talk. Please submit a request via the contact page or Twitter


  • What did you think about the description of events under Apartheid in the book? Were you surprised by anything?
  • What did you think about the three main characters and their struggle for freedom from oppression? What would you have done under the same circumstances?
  • Who was your favorite character in Defying Apartheid? Did you dislike any of the characters?
  • What are your thoughts about racism in America today? How big an issue is it?
  • How do you think we should address these issues today?
  • Should America have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?
  • How do you feel about the conclusion of the book? Were you satisfied with the ending? If not, what would you have liked to see happen?
  • What further anti-racism work do you think still needs to be done in South Africa and America?
  • Did anything surprise you in the book? What did you like most about it? What were your favorite scenes from the book?

Further reading:

Steve Biko: I Write What I Like: Selected Writings
Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

Lesego Malepe: Reclaiming Home: Diary of a Journey Through Post-Apartheid South Africa