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BunnyChow Card #17: 16 June 2019: Youth Day, Father’s Day and Dogs

Me in the Rio Secreto “Home is what you take with you, not what you leave behind.” —N. K. Jemisin: The Fifth Season. American science fiction and fantasy writer and the only author to have won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in three consecutive years.   I’m [...]

BunnyChow Card #16: James Baldwin, Explosions & Porcupines

Penelope in a tree “If there is no moral question, there is no reason to write. I’m an old-fashioned writer and, despite the odds, I want to change the world. What I hope to convey? Well, joy, love, the passion to feel how our choices affect the world . . [...]

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BunnyChow Card #15: Make February Great Again

BunnyChow Card #15: 2 February 2019 Most people in the northern hemisphere despise February. It’s dreary, cold, confused—28 or 29 days? and it’s generally a very unsexy month.  But I like it.  It’s my birth month. Yes, I’m Aquarius. So according to the powers that be I can be summed [...]

BunnyChow Card #14: Prince Philip and the Peasants

BBC Headline BunnyChow Card #14: 25 January 2019 So recently I found myself going down an internet rabbit hole. Prince Philip of Britain, AKA The Royal Husband, Philip the Greek or just plain old Phil, almost killed someone in a car accident, and it was entirely his fault.  He was [...]

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BunnyChow Card #13: When You Don’t Make New Year Resolutions

The Devil's Drink BunnyChow Card #13: 4 Jan 2019 This year I decided to forgo the usual New Year resolutions of I’ll eat healthier (fewer carbs, more protein & veg), drink more water, exercise more, drop the F bomb less, be more productive, and most importantly drink less alcohol.  But [...]

BunnyChow Card #10: ‘Weirdest’ food on offer in people’s home countries from Twitter

BunnyChow Card #10:22 Dec 2018: Tuck in: ‘weirdest’ food on offer in people’s home countries from Twitter Mexico, and I think the weirdest for me is all the dishes that include insect's eggs or larvae. Ahuautle, Escamoles, etc. Australia: Bunnings snag. hotdog made in a hardware storeGermany & the weirdest [...]

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BunnyChow Card #9: 5 weird (and not so weird) things I researched recently

BunnyChow Card #9:19 Dec 2018: 5 weird (and not so weird) things I researched recently: Are men more likely than women to become serial killers?Answer: Yes. ~83 percent of all serial homicides in the U.S. are committed by men. What exactly is a sepulcher (or sepulcher in British English)?Answer: a [...]

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BunnyChow Card #7: When you think your life is shitty, think of Nelson Mandela

BunnyChow Card #7: 13 Dec 2018: When you think your life is shitty, think of Nelson Mandela. Bring back Nelson Mandela, Bring him back home to Soweto I want to see him walking down the streets of South Africa Tomorrow! Bring back Nelson Mandela, Bring him back home to [...]

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BunnyChow Card #6: Proposing marriage can be dangerous

Hazardous Marriage Proposals BunnyChow Card #6:8 Dec 2018: Proposing marriage can be dangerous. Even though I’ve been married for a couple of decades now, I learned something new this week. What can I say, I’m a slow learner 🙁 I was scanning my Twitter feed when an urgent tweet caught my eye. The [...]

BunnyChow Card #5: Yay! I’ve found a giant diamond

  Matt Mercier, VSKemanis, your's truly and Kevin Egan BunnyChow Card #5: 6 Dec 2018: Yay! I’ve found a giant diamond We writers are like the 7 dwarfs. Every day we sing “Heigh-Ho! Off to work we go.” And then we go to our mines to dig, dig, [...]

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BunnyChow Card #4: My dog is stress peeing

Hachi BunnyChow Card #4: 30 Nov 2018: My dog is stress peeing. That’s my quasi-veterinary diagnosis at least. Those of you who know her, will remember her as quite a diva. For two reasons. Firstly because she’s a Shiba Inu, genetically one step removed from wolves so she [...]

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