BunnyChow Card #8: A Home Song

BunnyChow Card #8:15 Dec 2018: Home A Home Song by Henry Van Dyke I read within a poet’s book A word that starred the page: "Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage!" Yes, that is true; and something more You’ll find, where’er you roam, That [...]

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BunnyChow Card #7: When you think your life is shitty, think of Nelson Mandela

BunnyChow Card #7: 13 Dec 2018: When you think your life is shitty, think of Nelson Mandela. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG3oKb2JQow Bring back Nelson Mandela, Bring him back home to Soweto I want to see him walking down the streets of South Africa Tomorrow! Bring back Nelson Mandela, Bring him back home to [...]

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BunnyChow Card #6: Proposing marriage can be dangerous

Hazardous Marriage Proposals BunnyChow Card #6:8 Dec 2018: Proposing marriage can be dangerous. Even though I’ve been married for a couple of decades now, I learned something new this week. What can I say, I’m a slow learner 🙁 I was scanning my Twitter feed when an urgent tweet caught my eye. The [...]

BunnyChow Card #5: Yay! I’ve found a giant diamond

  Matt Mercier, VSKemanis, your's truly and Kevin Egan BunnyChow Card #5: 6 Dec 2018: Yay! I’ve found a giant diamond We writers are like the 7 dwarfs. Every day we sing “Heigh-Ho! Off to work we go.” And then we go to our mines to dig, dig, [...]

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BunnyChow Card #4: My dog is stress peeing

Hachi BunnyChow Card #4: 30 Nov 2018: My dog is stress peeing. That’s my quasi-veterinary diagnosis at least. Those of you who know her, will remember her as quite a diva. For two reasons. Firstly because she’s a Shiba Inu, genetically one step removed from wolves so she [...]

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BunnyChow Card #3: I love carbs

Roti BunnyChow Card #3: 28 Nov 2018: What can I say, I love carbs. I love freshly baked bread, freshly rolled rotis, toasted hot cross buns dripping with a dollop of butter, rolls dunked in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, toasted tepla. I love basmati rice [...]

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BunnyChow Card #2: Ignorance is bliss, but with awareness comes guilt

Happy Day of Giving Thanks BunnyChow Card #2: 24 Nov 2018: Ignorance is bliss. But with awareness, comes guilt. This week was Thanksgiving (TG). Years ago TG to me was this fantastic 4-day weekend of feasting, merrymaking and sleeping. It was also the weekend that kicked off the [...]

BunnyChow Card #1: Trying blogging again… for the umpteenth time

Durban Bunny Chow BunnyChow Card #1: 23 Nov 2018: Today is the first day of my blogging life. Again. I blog like a man with an enlarged prostate—in dribs and drabs. My apologies, I’ve just finished binge-watching Chuck Lorre’s The Kominsky Method. It’s about men getting old in [...]

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine   Manju's December Newsletter Hey Friends It's been a while... sorry... life got in the way. Here are a few things I thought worth sharing:  **Good news! My psychological suspense short story is in this month's prestigious Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. You can get [...]

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My Book is Published!!!!

When Lions Roared "Excellent... wide-ranging history and analysis " -Andrew Rosenheim (Author)  It’s Published!!! Hi Y’all I am so excited. My book is finally published. Click on this link, or copy and type myBook.to/whenlionsroared into your search engine, and you will be directed to my NEW!!! book in [...]

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Is Man Truly a Superior Being?

1,300 million years ago a massive volcano erupted in what is now South Africa. Unable to contain the boiling earth beneath it, the brittle, stretched crust of the earth cracked and collapsed into the magma chamber below. The magma was displaced and forced up. It poured out of the cracks [...]

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Ray Tomlinson: The Man Who Gave Us @ by Manju Soni

  Ray Tomlinson. Courtesy of Andreu Veà, WiWiW.org Ray Tomlinson: The man who gave us the @ sign I love reading the obituaries in the New York Times (NYT). I stand at the kitchen counter and munch cheese and blueberries like a busy squirrel, while I peek into [...]

Adele, my husband and me… in my bedroom

      I love Adele, but I should never have allowed her into my bedroom. No… it was not some kinky threesome. It was her singing, “Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet. To go over everything.” There’s something sublime about [...]

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It’s a… book!

Hi Y’all I have news for you. My book is coming out at the end of May. I had to let you know, you my BFFs (that is best friends forever- for those, like me, who are terrible at three letter acronyms). First up I want to say, please sign [...]

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