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Manju’s December Newsletter

Hey Friends

It’s been a while… sorry… life got in the way. Here are a few things I thought worth sharing: 

**Good news! My psychological suspense short story is in this month’s prestigious Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. You can get a copy here http://amzn.to/2hFTJrB

**More good news: My book WHEN LIONS ROARED: HOW BRAVE YOUNG PEOPLE DEFIED APARTHEID is now available in paperback, although it may still take another month or so for my friends in the UK and South Africa to be able to order it. http://amzn.to/2hva1pw

**I’m reading SPEAKING OF FILMS by Satyajit Ray, widely regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century. Quote: “One quality sure to be found in great works of cinema is the revelation of large truths in small details. The world reflected in a dewdrop.” http://amzn.to/2hGq41r  

**I visited Seattle recently. It is the northernmost large city in the US and I believe the most gorgeous. It lies nestled between two mountain ranges with the Puget Sound on one side of the city, and Lake Washington on the other. Well worth a visit, oh and the underground tunnels are a must!

**Seattle is also home to the most amazing glass blowing artist Dale Chihuly. You can see some of his work on his website here http://www.chihuly.com and I’ve attached some photographs too.

Dale Chihuly art

Dale Chihuly art

**I learned: exercise four hours after learning boosts memory. http://bbc.in/1UcVZSg
After 40 minutes of learning a task, 72 people were divided into 3 groups; those who exercised immediately, those who exercised 4 hours later and those who did not exercise at all. And the ones who delayed the exercise by 4 hours did the best when tested two days later. So get out there and just do it 🙂

Happy Holidays!

ManjuPS: We’ve had our first snowfall of the season and Kitsu’s loving it