What I do

I write thrillers and thrilling narrative nonfiction. And because I was born and brought up under apartheid, much of my work has apartheid as a theme. I live in the USA now.

My book, When Lions Roared: How Young People Defied Apartheid, is a narrative nonfiction book about the youth movement against apartheid. It is in part a memoir, but the heart and soul of the book are three young men, Steve Biko, Tsietsi Mashinini and Matthew Goniwe, and the roles they played in inspiring the youth movement against apartheid.

It’s published by Amazon Kindle Singles UK

I also write STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) ebooks for kids. THEY’RE FREE! Check out our website

My sordid past

I was an eye surgeon and drug dealer. Just kidding. I mean I developed drugs, the legal kind.

My personal stuff

I’m married to Hubby. I have two kids Beer and Lemonade (not their real names). Years ago, my daughter was whining that I loved her brother more than her. I replied, “Imagine a really, really hot day. I’ve been gardening the whole day and now I want a cool drink. A beer would be wonderful, as would ice-cold lemonade. See, you are my lemonade and your brother is my beer. I love you both the same, just differently.” Since then I’ve been accused of loving alcohol more than my kids.

You’ll see a lot of my dog, Kitsu, on my website. That’s because she’s so cute. She’s a Shiba Inu. She’s quite a diva though. She acted with Richard Gere, yea, the Richard Gere, in the movie Hachi-a dog’s story. It was a real tearjerker. She was one of about ten dogs in that movie and to be honest I think they edited her out totally. I heard the only way they could get her to lick Richard Gere’s face was by dabbing peanut butter on his cheek. She helps me write though. Every mile that I walk her = 1 page of writing.

I know nothing!

This website chronicles my writing life, sprinkled with random thoughts on apartheid, science, medicine and general nonsense. Of course the occasional recipe may find its way into my ramblings. I take no responsibility for anything.

Thanks for visiting!