BunnyChow Card #18: 17 Jul 2019: Into the Depths of My Tiny Mind

Good Dog! I believe that nothing passes away without leaving a trace, and that every step we take, however small, has significance for our present and our future existence. —Anton Chekhov Rabbit holes The mind is an amazing thing. It can make music, art, dreams, it can do [...]

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BunnyChow Card #10: ‘Weirdest’ food on offer in people’s home countries from Twitter

BunnyChow Card #10:22 Dec 2018: Tuck in: ‘weirdest’ food on offer in people’s home countries from Twitter Mexico, and I think the weirdest for me is all the dishes that include insect's eggs or larvae. Ahuautle, Escamoles, etc. Australia: Bunnings snag. hotdog made in a hardware storeGermany & the weirdest [...]

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BunnyChow Card #4: My dog is stress peeing

Hachi BunnyChow Card #4: 30 Nov 2018: My dog is stress peeing. That’s my quasi-veterinary diagnosis at least. Those of you who know her, will remember her as quite a diva. For two reasons. Firstly because she’s a Shiba Inu, genetically one step removed from wolves so she [...]

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Ray Tomlinson: The Man Who Gave Us @ by Manju Soni

  Ray Tomlinson. Courtesy of Andreu Veà, WiWiW.org Ray Tomlinson: The man who gave us the @ sign I love reading the obituaries in the New York Times (NYT). I stand at the kitchen counter and munch cheese and blueberries like a busy squirrel, while I peek into [...]

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