BunnyChow Card #14: Prince Philip and the Peasants

BBC Headline BunnyChow Card #14: 25 January 2019 So recently I found myself going down an internet rabbit hole. Prince Philip of Britain, AKA The Royal Husband, Philip the Greek or just plain old Phil, almost killed someone in a car accident, and it was entirely his fault.  He was [...]

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BunnyChow Card #5: Yay! I’ve found a giant diamond

  Matt Mercier, VSKemanis, your's truly and Kevin Egan BunnyChow Card #5: 6 Dec 2018: Yay! I’ve found a giant diamond We writers are like the 7 dwarfs. Every day we sing “Heigh-Ho! Off to work we go.” And then we go to our mines to dig, dig, [...]

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