BunnyChow Card #18: 17 Jul 2019: Into the Depths of My Tiny Mind

Good Dog! I believe that nothing passes away without leaving a trace, and that every step we take, however small, has significance for our present and our future existence. —Anton Chekhov Rabbit holes The mind is an amazing thing. It can make music, art, dreams, it can do [...]

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BunnyChow Card #17: 16 June 2019: Youth Day, Father’s Day and Dogs

Me in the Rio Secreto “Home is what you take with you, not what you leave behind.” —N. K. Jemisin: The Fifth Season. American science fiction and fantasy writer and the only author to have won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in three consecutive years.   I’m [...]

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BunnyChow Card #15: Make February Great Again

BunnyChow Card #15: 2 February 2019 Most people in the northern hemisphere despise February. It’s dreary, cold, confused—28 or 29 days? and it’s generally a very unsexy month.  But I like it.  It’s my birth month. Yes, I’m Aquarius. So according to the powers that be I can be summed [...]

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BunnyChow Card #14: Prince Philip and the Peasants

BBC Headline BunnyChow Card #14: 25 January 2019 So recently I found myself going down an internet rabbit hole. Prince Philip of Britain, AKA The Royal Husband, Philip the Greek or just plain old Phil, almost killed someone in a car accident, and it was entirely his fault.  He was [...]

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BunnyChow Card #13: When You Don’t Make New Year Resolutions

The Devil's Drink BunnyChow Card #13: 4 Jan 2019 This year I decided to forgo the usual New Year resolutions of I’ll eat healthier (fewer carbs, more protein & veg), drink more water, exercise more, drop the F bomb less, be more productive, and most importantly drink less alcohol.  But [...]

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BunnyChow Card #10: ‘Weirdest’ food on offer in people’s home countries from Twitter

BunnyChow Card #10:22 Dec 2018: Tuck in: ‘weirdest’ food on offer in people’s home countries from Twitter Mexico, and I think the weirdest for me is all the dishes that include insect's eggs or larvae. Ahuautle, Escamoles, etc. Australia: Bunnings snag. hotdog made in a hardware storeGermany & the weirdest [...]

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BunnyChow Card #9: 5 weird (and not so weird) things I researched recently

BunnyChow Card #9:19 Dec 2018: 5 weird (and not so weird) things I researched recently: Are men more likely than women to become serial killers?Answer: Yes. ~83 percent of all serial homicides in the U.S. are committed by men. What exactly is a sepulcher (or sepulcher in British English)?Answer: a [...]

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