Matt Mercier, VSKemanis, your’s truly and Kevin Egan

BunnyChow Card #5:
6 Dec 2018:

Yay! I’ve found a giant diamond

We writers are like the 7 dwarfs. Every day we sing “Heigh-Ho! Off to work we go.” And then we go to our mines to dig, dig, dig for diamonds (because they’re a girl’s best friend and all). Most days we come back with nothing.

Days and months go by and we wonder whether what we’re doing is interesting. Maybe it’s just drivel. Maybe it’s catharsis.

And then one day, one lovely day, we find that rare glittering, enticing beauty.

We open an email that says our peers at the Mystery Writers of America-New York have read our writing sample and thought it worthy of a scholarship. Enough to fund us to meet our fellow dwarfs at a writing conference next year.

Many thanks MWA-NY for the Leon B. Burnstein award. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you last night at the Revels, your aptly named annual holiday party. Your sense of fun, generosity and comradeship warmed the frigid night outside. Thank you.

Here I am with my fellow awardee Matt Mercier, and my fellow authors, VSKemanis (MWA-NY board member) and Kevin Egan, both of whom write fantastic legal thrillers.

And now… Heigh-Ho…..



But before I go I’ll leave you with this image of Woody berating Catwoman in Times Square (actually he wasn’t, it just looks like it)

Woody & Catwoman in Times Square