BunnyChow Card #3:

28 Nov 2018:

What can I say, I love carbs.

I love freshly baked bread, freshly rolled rotis, toasted hot cross buns dripping with a dollop of butter, rolls dunked in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, toasted tepla.

I love basmati rice in all its magnificent forms—kichdi, biryani, plain ol’ rice, pullao.

I love potato curry, mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries drizzled with truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

I especially love bananas, mangoes, and sweet peaches.

And red kidney beans with gravy on a Saturday morning, and pimento beans, and black beans, and cannellini beans and broad beans curry. I love alcohol, fizzy or flat, red or white, creamy or as liquid as water, sweet or not.

What can I say. I love carbs and carbs love me.