Penelope in a tree

“If there is no moral question, there is no reason to write. I’m an old-fashioned writer and, despite the odds, I want to change the world. What I hope to convey? Well, joy, love, the passion to feel how our choices affect the world . . . that’s all.”

—James Baldwin from a 1979 interview published in The New York Times

Hope you’re staying warm. I have no idea where the year is going. February is almost over. On the plus side I heard what I think was a robin a few days ago. So yay! Who knows I may be able to ditch the gloves and hat and come out of hibernation soon. 

This past weekend we went to New York City to see a show called Avenue Q. But sadly we didn’t get to see it. Just as the show was about to begin the stage manager announced, “Friends, we have to evacuate the theater.” 

So there we were, by my estimate around 2000 of us, because there were a number of theaters in the complex, all huddled outside in the frigid streets of NYC. 

Apparently there were multiple manhole cover explosions on the street behind the theater. 

Of course my potty mind put it down to too much poop methane in the sewers below the city. But I was wrong. The usual cause is the deadly mix of salt used for de-icing, snow and ancient and faulty electrical wiring. 

Anyhoo… lessons learned 1) Don’t ever coat check, cos you will freeze if they evacuate the theater and 2) don’t walk over manhole covers… obviously. 

The Writing Life:

Round and round I go again. I’ve started drafting a new book. Did I hear some of you groan and wonder what I’ve done with the ones I’ve already written. Well, I’m busy submitting them. Wish me luck. So while doing that I’m keeping busy writing a new one. I call it the ‘wrestling with a porcupine’ stage. It’s all about getting those gazillion ideas down onto the page in some form of order. 

Walking helps to bring some method to the madness. Yeah baby—1 mile walked = 1 page written. It helps to have a dog of course. I know it’s not a lot but by my calculations I could walk the USA coast to coast in about 10 books!

Lots of love