Loads of books


Dear Friends

My writing teacher (now retired) is a white, 79yo ex-chain-smoking, cancer and brain aneurysm survivor, who used to be a dancer, choreographer and is (and has always been) a lifelong reader.

She’s also a voracious reader of mystery books by authors like Agatha Christie and the VeraStanhope novels written by crime writer Ann Cleeves.

And she hates the internet but loves the convenience of the 2-day delivery of my Amazon Prime account.

Recently, I told her, based on her orders, that she only reads white authors. She almost died. Because she didn’t think she was biased at all.

So I compiled a list to help her and the mystery readers in our lives expand their reading list. Most of them are my Crime Writers of Color sibling. Enjoy:


Hollywood Homicide (Detective by Day #1) by Kellye Garrett @kellyekell
I’m super biased for Kellye who was my mentor in PitchWars. She’s an incredible, award-winning author who will make you laugh out loud. Her protagonist is Dayna Anderson who is a “semi-famous, mega-broke black actress who wants is to help her parents keep their house. After witnessing a deadly hit-and-run, she figures pursuing the fifteen-grand reward isn’t the craziest thing a Hollywood actress has done for some cash.”



Award-winning The Widows of Malabar Hill (Perveen Mistry #1) by Sujata Massey takes us to Bombay, 1921 where Perveen Mistry, a young lawyer, tries to defend the inheritance of the three widows of a wealthy Muslim man. @Sujata gives us a peek behind the widows’ secluded lives while Perveen solves the mystery.




Miracle Creek by Angie Kim. A legal mystery about a tragedy that kills two people when a hyperbaric chamber that may cure a range of conditions from infertility to autism explodes. Brilliant writing and a riveting story.





Broken Places (Cass Raines #1) by Tracy Clark, set in Chicago this story is an action-packed adventure about a tough African-American cop turned private investigator.




The Unquiet Dead (Rachel Getty & Esa Khattak #1) by Ausma Zehanat Khan is “A complex and provocative story of loss, redemption, and the cost of justice.”

It’s a police procedural with Detective Rachel Getty and her boss, Esa Khattak, who investigate the death of a man, a possible war criminal with ties to the Srebrenica massacre of 1995, who falls off a cliff.



Silent City (Pete Fernandez Mystery #1) by Alex Segura is set in Miami and is about Pete Fernandez a man with an alcohol problem. After the sudden death of his father, he’s pulled into becoming a PI to find a friend’s daughter. A peek into the Miami underworld, and his father’s past make for riveting storytelling.




Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Cosby My kids bought me this book for Mother’s Day and I can’t wait to get my teeth into it. It only came out on July 14 and is already garnering major reviews. It’s a heist book but told from the perspective of Beauregard “Bug” Montage, a man whose “carefully built new life begins to crumble, and he finds himself drawn inexorably back into a world of blood and bullets.”



Happy Reading