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June newsletter

Dear Friends

I can’t believe that half the year is over! As I get older I feel the “march of time” is no longer a melodramatic idiom but my reality.

However, thanks to you all, it’s been a terrific six months. My book has been published as an ebook. Yay!! And many of you have been so kind to post a review. Thank you. The paperback will be out in less than a month.

Unfortunately the Amazon bots have either not posted the reviews or in fact deleted them. Blast! After negative publicity about paid reviews, Amazon has been cutting back on what they believe to be suspicious reviews. Apparently there is no real pattern or explanation for which reviews they think are suspicious.

Sadly none of my reviews from South Africa have been published. I’m currently looking into this

issue. If you don’t see your review please forward it to me so I can let Amazon know. Thanks!

It’s been an eventful time in other ways, unsavory and terrible things have happened. For example Brexit – proof that democracy is not at all perfect, and cowardly attacks on innocent people in Orlando, Turkey, Somalia and Kenya (today). And of course the rise of Trump. Please, please don’t vote for him, we will be in WWIII in no time if he comes into power.

So… here are a few lighthearted pieces that caught my attention recently.


The Cheerio Challenge: Patrick Quinn, founder of the blog Life of Dad, came up with this hilarious and ridiculous contest, mainly for dads, to see how many cheerios you can stack on your sleeping baby. Here are a few I loved.

Twitter Cheerios Challenge

I’m reading…

In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick.
I saw the movie recently, starring hunk Chris Hemsworth and directed by Ron Howard. It was okay but the book, a National Book Award winner, was so much better. Where the movie was mostly about an angry whale and computer generated action, the book focuses on the often small, human decisions which add up to a colossal disaster. It also doesn’t look away from the devastation man wreaked on the noble, gentle and beautiful whales. Definitely worth a read.

In the New York Times…

I love reading the paper version of the New York Times, mainly because my eye often falls on the most obscure but interesting articles. Well recently this piece caught my attention.

On a busy March afternoon, Jose Lopez hailed a cab in Manhattan. The driver looked into the mirror and said, “Hey Jose?” Apparently the two men had worked on a construction site many years before, where the contractor had significantly underpaid them. The driver had filed a lawsuit with the city and been compensated $40,000. So Jose, and two of his friends were that much wealthier after that cab ride. You never know how and where you’re going to win the lottery.

Quote of the week…

“The issue before us (in our pluralistic, multiethnic societies) is integration, not immigration”

Nader Mousavizadeh, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Macro Advisory Partners, quoted by Thomas L. Friedman “You Break It, You Own It


PS: Kitsu is as disappointed in Brexit as I am. You can just tell.

Kitsu disappointed in Brexit