foot fetish


Some years ago I was watching Law and Order. I love that show, especially the theme music. Dun dun! Tadadada…

Okay you can stop laughing now.

Anyway it was a show about a guy who murdered women and cut off their feet. It turned out the perp, a thirty-year old loser, living with his mother, and collecting dead women’s feet, had a foot fetish.

Haven’t you always wondered where these fetishes come from? No? Well these are the things that keep me up at night. Although recently it’s been The Donald who’s been giving me nightmares.

Well here’s the low down on foot fetishes:

One: It’s the most common sexual fetish

Two: It’s more common amongst men than women. An Arkansas man, known as the Toe Suck Fairy, was arrested after approaching women in department stores, complimenting them on their feet and offering to suck their toes. I wonder how many said yes!

Three: Feet and genitalia occupy adjacent areas in the sensorineural cortex, which may explain why they occur

Four: apparently Elvis had it, or should that be “suffered” from it?

Five: And of course we must end with Freud who said people sexualize feet because they resemble “that which shall not be named in a nice blog post.” Seriously, that man must have been quite boring to live with.

Well the reason for this blog post is that my dog has a foot fetish. You don’t believe me, well have a look at the video. Don’t worry it’s not eugh! because the feet in question have socks on.

When I told the vet’s nurse about it, she said, “Well maybe the essence of us is between our toes.”

And you thought it was at the other end of your body!

Kitsu’s foot fetish