Manju Soni’s June eNewsletter

  June newsletter Dear Friends I can’t believe that half the year is over! As I get older I feel the “march of time” is no longer a melodramatic idiom but my reality. However, thanks to you all, it’s been a terrific six months. My book has been published as [...]

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My Book is Published!!!!

When Lions Roared "Excellent... wide-ranging history and analysis " -Andrew Rosenheim (Author)  It’s Published!!! Hi Y’all I am so excited. My book is finally published. Click on this link, or copy and type into your search engine, and you will be directed to my NEW!!! book in [...]

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Lions Roared: How Brave Young People Defied Apartheid

Dear friends I'm sorry for being so tardy. I have a good reason though. My book, When Lions Roared: How Brave Young People Defied Apartheid, was recently picked up by Amazon Kindle Singles UK... Yay!!!! I've been told the ebook will be out very soon. I don't have an exact [...]

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It’s a… book!

Hi Y’all I have news for you. My book is coming out at the end of May. I had to let you know, you my BFFs (that is best friends forever- for those, like me, who are terrible at three letter acronyms). First up I want to say, please sign [...]

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